Mom Buys Children Glow Within The Dark Pajamas, Tells Children They Have To Remain Still To ‘Charge’ Them

Getting little children to fall asleep at the right time is harder than long division. Luckily, this mother may just have solved the “getting-the-little-ones-to-sleep” equation for all parents.

When Jessica D’Entremont bought her two daughters glow in the dark pajamas, she didn’t realize just how much free time she was buying.

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At the time, they just seemed like something that her kids would enjoy wearing at night. But later, she realized that if she used them in a very specific way, she could make bedtimes much easier.

Every adult knows that glow in the dark clothing needs to be exposed to light for a few minutes to start glowing. But kids don’t know this.

One evening, when the kids were complaining that their new glow in the dark pajamas weren’t working, D’Entremont had a flash of inspiration.

She told the kids that the glow in the dark pajamas needed time to charge. And the only way to charge glow in the dark pajamas was to lie completely still under some light.

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And so the kids lay down in their bedroom, completely still, so that their clothing would charge. The kids didn’t realize that the moment the clothes had “charged” was the second that the mom had realized that they were sleepy.

Once the kids were nodding off, the mom turned the light off.

Usually, the kids would take a long time to relax, and sometimes, the two girls would fight (anyone who has been around two young sisters knows how bad this can be!) But this time, they were quiet. They stared down at their glow in the dark clothes and went into a peaceful slumber.

That night, D’Entremont didn’t know what to do with all the free time she had.

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She was used to spending hours on getting the kids to calm down. Tonight, she managed to have some wine and finish the book that she had been struggling to get back too.

So the next night, D’Entremont decided to try the trick again.

Once more, the kids lay down, got relaxed and fell right to sleep. Then the mom was able to enjoy some well earned personal time.

Over the next week, the glow in the dark pajamas trick kept on working. D’Entremont felt like she’d just discovered electricity or gravity.

Source: Dentremontjessica/Instagram

Luckily, D’Entremont was more than happy to share her discovery with the world. She took to Facebook to inform other mothers about this amazing life hack. Many other parents across the country (and maybe even the world) are now using this trick, with similar results. Just think of all the free time they’re enjoying!

The mom has even gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the “pajama charger” trick always works.

Source: D’Entremontjessica/Instagram

She makes sure that the pajamas are kept out of the light all day so that they don’t glow before the light is turned on.

Of course, one day, the girls will work out that you don’t need to lie still to “charge” glow in the dark clothing.

But D’Entemont and all of the other parents who now use this trick are hoping that they don’t work this out for a very long time!

And there’s one thing that’s for sure. Sales of glow in the dark pajamas are going to skyrocket if this trick works so well on all little kids!

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Source: Jessica D’Entremont/Facebook


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