Dwayne The Rock Johnson Has “Discussion” With Daughter And Her Response Has Everybody In Love

When most people think of Dwayne Johnson, they picture a tough, no-nonsense wrestler. But this heartwarming video shows that, at heart, “The Rock” is just a sweet family man.

Of course, Johnson is no stranger to monogamy and fatherhood.

He first got married way back in 1997. And his first daughter, Simone, was born in 2001.

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While Johnson’s marriage ended in divorce in 2007, Johnson handled it incredibly well. The split was amicable, and Johnson is still good friends (and business partners) with his former wife.

After his first marriage ended, Johnson started another committed relationship, with Lauren Hashian. Johnson and Hashian remain together to this day.

And in 2015, Johnson and Hashian had a daughter together, Jasmine Lia.

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As Johnson’s second daughter was born during the golden age of social media, fans of Dwayne Johnson have gotten something they didn’t expect. Instead of “The Rock” posting burly, manly updates, since his daughter was born, he’s been posting his parenting misadventures.

And Johnson is frequently the target of Jasmine Lia’s growing sense of humor.

For example, in July 2018, he decided to teach the now toddler Jasmine Lia how to swim. But Jasmine Lia was mostly focused on emasculating her father.

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“Took my shirt off and she said, ‘Daddy I like your brown boobies’ Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies.” – Dwayne Johnson.

Some may doubt that Johnson actually took this comment with good humor.

But it seems as if he did. Firstly, the picture he posted with this comment is adorable. And Johnson even added the hashtag “#MrBrownBoobs.”

But over the last year, there has been a whole new wave of adorable baby posts.

That’s because Johnson’s partner gave birth to another daughter.

This time around, Johnson is showing how committed he is to be a good husband as well as a good father.

He posted on Instagram about being with his partner throughout the childbirth:

“I was right there during labor, helping her breathe, every highly intense contraction, every second of pain, right there watching the actual birth, cutting the cord and wiping the tears. It’s a miracle we should witness because it’ll give you whole new respect for the strength and beauty of a woman.”

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Clearly, none of the time Johnson spent in the ring could compare to what his partner was going through.

And since Johnson’s third daughter, Tiana, came into the world, Johnson’s been practically inseparable from her.

At three months old, Johnson and Tiana were even having conversations. Yes, really!

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Morning convos! 🍼❤️☕️

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Ok, so Tiana is only talking in baby talk. But from hearing Tiana’s “replies” and seeing the joy on her face, the baby is clearing loving her father talking to her.

After Johnson’s partner posted that first video of “The Rock” talking with his baby girl, Johnson posted one himself.

This video has set the internet alight! It has had over 20 million views.

In this video, Johnson holds Tiana in his arms.

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Then Johnson asks Tiana a question. “You have the sexiest daddy in the world?” She then giggles and smiles. “I know, I know, right? And the coolest Daddy in the world.”

But the video doesn’t end there. Johnson continues to talk with the adorable Tiana, and each time, the baby gives her own unique response.

Overall, the video is completely heartwarming and a must see!

Many people on Instagram have been quick to praise the video and Johnson for his parenting skills.

Clearly, most fathers should aim to be as great a dad as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Source: The Rock/Instagram

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