4 Teens Groove Along To 60’s Song But Watch Their Moves Once Music Suddenly Changes

One’s high school years area unit terribly formative times, stuffed with several cultural touchstones and none a lot of this than the promenade. For one cluster of scholars, their promenade night is one they’ll always remember, however not for the explanations you may assume.

An infectious agent video that includes four teenaged boys wearing matching brown pants, white shirts, and suspenders was recorded on their promenade night. They weren’t creating a fashion statement, though, however, were really there to perform for his or her classmates.


They begin by diversion to the acquainted gap notes of mount E. King’s classic song, “Stand by Maine.” Yet, when simply a second of diversion thereto song, the music switched unexpectedly to buxom Checker’s painting “Let’s Twist once more.”

Little did everybody recognize, it had simply begun…


This routine is titled “New Evolution of Dance,” that ought to sound acquainted. the first “Evolution of Dance” was one in every of the first-ever infectious agent videos on YouTube.

Dancer mythical being Laipply uploaded a video of his 2001 performance within which he performed dance designs from numerous eras spanning the past fifty years of popular culture. This video has galvanized many parodies and similar videos since, as well as the climax of the film Napoleon Dynamite.


It clearly galvanized these youngsters, as they set to update that video with their own distinctive spin. These youngsters fight dance crazes from the Sixties, 1970s, 1980s, and beyond.

It takes loads of guts to try and do this kind of performance on promenade night ahead of your entire category, however, one explores the grins on their faces tells you all you wish to understand concerning what quantity fun they’re having. The more-than six-minute long performance options these youngsters bouncing, twirling, and flipping everywhere the stage, whereas their classmate’s groove all along with them.


In days of recent, this performance won’t are seen on the far side it’s initial performance or, if it did, it’d are on shaky, granular video. However, due to this video, numerous individuals have seen their performance, and it’ll exist out here on the web for years to return.

In 5 years, 10 years, or more, these youngsters are going to be ready to return and live over this moment. and therefore the remainder of North American country area unit lucky we tend to ought to share it with them.


Now that is extremely a “night to recollect.” Watch the performance and see if you’ll be able to name all the dances they do!

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